Capacity Building Training
March 11, 2019
March 25, 2019

The MBC Staff assembly has taken place on February 14th at Cushing Hall from 8 am to 10:30 am. The following (7) points were stressed by General secretary Rev. Dr. Thang Cin Lian.

1) Being serving in MBC as the head office of all the Baptist churches of the Myanmar, we are not to boast but to be proud of.

2) Although roles are different, the value of all staff is the same.

3) While serving together there, let us relate each other with respect.

4) Being representing the MBC, we need to be careful with our talk and our walk wherever we go.

5) We need to maintain our Baptist belief and practice, also spiritual growth.

6) Being in God’s business, we must work with family spirit.

7) In order to leave the best legacy, try out best from the beginning.

Associate General Secretary Rev. Dr. Robert Pun also delivered the speech with the following highlight.

1) To be punctual and regularly take part in staff worship service

2) Be accountable in taking and allowing leaves.

3) To be warm in receiving guests.

4) Have discipline on dress, food, drink and words.

5) To maintain capacity building.

6) Abide by the rules those who are living in MBC’s housings.

7) Encourage to relate one another with respect.

The MBC’s treasurer also underlined the following points.

  1. While trying to fulfill the necessities, work up to your excellence.
  2. Welcome your prayer support as the staff housing will be started very soon.
  3. Staff Housing Supervision Committee is trying very best to fulfill the needs.

Then “Questions and answers” session was followed.

The MBC staff assembly was concluded by the prayer of Rev. Aik Nap Tou.

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