Ministers’ Department

(Chairperson – Rev. Mike Zun Ceu, Director – Rev. Dr. Saw Eh Thaw, Associate Director – Saya Van Dawt Lian)


  1. Baptist ministers in Myanmar will be in unity, one with the other and help each other.
  2. Uphold Baptist faith and order with dedicated missionary zeal.


  1. Update registry of ministers under the MBC.
  2. Support families of deceased ministers from the compassionate funds, while conveying messages of condolences.
  3. Honoring ministers who have served the Lord for forty years
  4. Issuance of Ministers’ Identity cards.
  5. A general assembly is held once every five years for ministers with a seminar once every three years.



  • More cordial relationships established among ministers
  • Keen to help one another in times of hardships and improved theological knowledge and attitudes with the times.

Expectations of the future

  • That each individual church will be able to accept and practice Baptist beliefs and practices.