Historical Background
The Union of Myanmar is a country in South East Asia with a population of 51.4 million. It is a multi racial  country of 135 national races with Bamar being the majority. Buddhism  is the  main religion with 89.9% adherents. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and traditional fatihs make up the rest. Although English Baptists under Felix Carey and Chater began  mission wor4k as early as 1807, it was not successful Protestant mission work is therefore dated with the arrival of the American Baptist missionary couple, Dr. Adonoriam and Mrs. Ann Judson on July 13, 1813.

The Judsons preached the gospel for many years before the first convert Maung Naw who was baptized in 1819. The gospel spread very slowly among the Bamar Buddhists but was joyously accepted by the Kayin, Kachin, Chin and other ethnic minorities who  adhered to traditional faiths. The rapidly growing number of Christians finally led to the formation of the Burma Baptist Missionary Convention on 15th December, 1865, later known as Burma Baptist Convention and today as Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC).


Vision Statement

To organize and engage all the Baptist in Myanmar in proclaiming and witnessing. The message of Salvation o fLord Jesus and Holistic mission in Myanmar and throughout the world.


Mission Statement

The Myanmar Baptist Convention is formed basically by all the Baptist Churches in Myanmar through the Language and Regional Groups. The MBC commits for spiritual maturity of the Baptist Christians, having the life in all its fullness by everyone. Preservation and promotion of Baptist Faith and Order, and heritages and becoming good citizens through workshop, effective trainings and seminars, publishing of literature, producing supporting materials in different formats, sharing of resources, partnership and cooperation with other churches and organizations inside and outside the country.


Motto and Symbols

The motto of the MBC is “Service and Sacrifice”.

Organization, Affiliation and Partnership
The MBC comprises 14 language based Conventions (Ahka, Asho Chin, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Lahu, Lisu, Mon, Myanmar, Naga, Pwo Kayin, Shan, Tedim, Wa), 4 Regional Conventions(Northern Shan, Southern Shan, Shweli Shan, Rakihne State) and two direct affiliate churches, Immanuel Baptist Church and Judson Church. The MBC has a Triennial Assembly, an Annual Board of Management  meeting and Biannual Executive Meeting to conduct the minister of the Convention.
Committees of Public Relations, Study and Research, Partnership Beyond 200 Mission Project are functioning with the coordination of the MBC General Secretary.
MBC is a member of the Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC), Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF), the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) and World Council of Churches (WCC). It works in partnership with organizations such as the American Baptist Churches-USA, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), EED-Germany, Tear Fund-UK, Diakonia-Sweden, Heifer Project International (HPI) – USA, Samaritan Purse – Canada, Australia, Mekong Minorityu Foundation (MME), Badptist Union of Denmark (BUD), Japan Baptist Union (JBU), Resource Global Alliani and m any others.

MBC officers and directors

President – Rev. Dr. Saw Samson

Vice president – Rev. Saw Samson, Rev. Dr. Aye Nwe

General Secretary – Rev. Dr. Thang Cin Lian

Associate General Secretary – Rev. Dr. Robert Pun

Treasurer – Sayama Nang Thuzar Mon

Associate Treasurer – Saya Saw Silas Mahuya Wah

Ministers Department – Rev. Dr. Saw Eh Thaw

Youth Department – Sayama April Nway

Literature and Publication Department – Saya Saw Eddie Moo

Christian Education Department – Rev. Saw Harrison

Women Department – Sayama Nant Buddy Htoo

Men Department – Rev. Brang Seng

Evengilisml and Mission Department – Rev. Ro Sang

Theological Education Department – Rev.  Dr. Saw Cyrus Sein

Christian Communication Department – Sayama May Hninsi

Finance and Property Department – Sayama Nang Thuzar Mon

Christian Social, Service and Development Department – Rev. Dr. Mang Khan Sum

Leadership Development Department – Rev. Ai Nap Tao