Choir Contest
September 25, 2018
“Dare to Discover” Workshop
September 28, 2018

Under the theme “Ministers for Peaceful World” (ငြိမ်းချမ်းသောကမ္ဘာအတွက် ဓမ္မအမှုတော်ဆောင်များ) the Baptist Ministers 5th conference will be held in Yangon, Ahlone, at Franc Auditorium from 1st to 4th October 2018. Bible Study facilitators will be Rev. Dr. Saw Ler Htoo (Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Washington D.C), Rev. Dr. Simon Pau Khan En (Senior Pastor, Yangon Tedim Baptist Church) and Rev. Dr. Awng Li (Lecturer, Myanmar Institute of Theology). Two papers will be presented by Dr. Salai Lyan Mone (Center for Development of Ethnics Study) and Prof. Dr. Hlaing Bwa (Director, Judson Research Center, Myanmar Institute of Theology). Moreover “World Vision, Myanmar” will deliver a presentation on “Integral Mission” and Sayama Daw Sandar Min (IOM) will lead a special talk on “Human Trafficking”.

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