November 12, 2020
Myanmar Baptist Convention – Board of Management Meeting (2022)
February 7, 2023

1. The Myanmar Baptist Convention is a Christian organization that always stands firmly on the promotion of love, justice, peace and freedom in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.

2. The Myanmar Baptist Convention shares the shock, sadness and disappointment of the people brought about by the military taking over state power on February 01, 2021 after declaring the state of emergency in the whole country especially at a time like this when the whole world — including our country — is suffering greatly because of COVID 19 pandemic.

3. The Myanmar Baptist Convention rejects any oppressive ruling system that is against the teachings of the Bible.

4. The Myanmar Baptist Convention earnestly calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the President, the State Counselor and all other persons who are being detained now.

5. The Myanmar Baptist Convention issues this statement with the hope of the emergence of a Republic of the Union of Myanmar, based on a Federal Democratic system which values and promotes peace, justice, national reconciliation, non-violence and respect for human rights and dignity.

Myanmar Baptist Convention
February 5, 2021

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